Business Program

GForce Monkeys Business Program

Project Background and Description

This program was created to help companies like you get your name out there by using our platform. The reason why this program is a good idea is because it helps you obtain the right kind of customers: Car Enthusiasts. If you are reading this, you have some sort of automotive related service to offer. Blanket advertising isn’t direct, and you can usually only select sex, age, and location when choosing how to advertise. We specifically reserve this program for companies like yours.

Project Description

The way this program works is we will advertise your business, with a guarantee for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr to be done on a monthly basis. Some companies who build a report with us will have the chance at more marketing opportunities with our other platform YouTube. What we ask for in return is very simple and not complicated, and that is a discount for any member who purchases services from your company. The customer doesn’t get the discount automatically, they do have to mention it, and one of our decals MUST be on the car or merchandise worn at the time of purchase. What this does for us is it helps get our mission out there, and that is to unite the car community. G-Force Monkeys was created primarily for this and we want to strive to do our best at accomplishing our goal. It also helps promote the sales of our decals, which helps G-Force Monkeys to continue doing what we love.

Discounts and Special Offers

Typically, the way the discounting would be structured would be for you to simply give our followers a 5-20% discount on your product or services. We also don’t mind it if you come up with your own discount type program, this is up to you, but a simple percentage keeps things simple. The way you tax the discount is also your choice as it is your business. Please let us know if there are any stipulations or products/services that you want to exclude from this program.


What we need from you is all of the promotional material you can send us (well maybe not ALL of it). We need pictures of your store front, testimonials as well as business description and anything else you want us to post. You can very easily send them to:

By sending any images or promotional material you are giving us permission to use it how we would like. This could also include image alterations such as using Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom etc. Basically, we might edit some of your images to make them look better, before posting them. If you don’t want us to, then just clearly label it.

But How Much Exposure?

We have over 600 followers on Instagram, over 2,000 friends on Facebook, over 500 followers on our Facebook Page, over 500 Members in our Facebook Group, as well as a growing Tumbler, Twitter, and YouTube Channel. We try to create content daily and your company will be a part of that. We also carry merchandise at our store for people to purchase.

When a person proudly displays the G-Force Monkeys decal/merchandise or follows us, they are letting everybody around them know that they are a drama free car enthusiast. Our merchandise helps create community and togetherness by letting everybody know that they aren’t a dick! G-Force Monkeys are people who love all things cars and believe “All Cars Matter”.

We Look Forward to Working With You!

We are a registered business with Spokane County in Washington State and hold a current reseller permit, so if you ever think about doing business with G-Force Monkeys let us know as we may be interested!

Current list of businesses and their discounts:

ALKO TINT SHOP 10% discount

SMS Auto & Marine 10% discount on service (excludes parts)

New Edge Auto Creations 10 % off all partial wraps, 10 % off full details, $200 credit toward full wraps $1,999 and up $5 hr off shop rate

MeLe Design Firm 10% off purchase to any member and includes PayPal fee and shipping is on them.

BPAutoSales 10% Discount

Werks Performance 15% Discount

The Laab Auto & Speed Shop $65 an hour on labor on any repair (normal shop rate is $85/hr)! Cost+10% on all parts ordered through Napa Auto Parts and Cost+20% on all other performance parts!

Valley Synthetics Preferred status, wholesale prices (up to 25% off), and reduced shipping.

The Dent Viking 20% off estimate total

Crown Performance Fab 10% off labor