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GForce Monkeys Street Team

What is GForce Monkeys all about?
GForce Monkeys was created to help support the car enthusiast community. The car community is divided, and this movement is to help unite the car community. Because of this, our local raceway parks and tracks are struggling to stay open. Venues that host are constantly switching hands and having to start anew, and we are tired of seeing this, aren’t you?

How do we plan on doing this?
We support local businesses, raceway parks, racers, meets, cruises and events as well as support other groups who are trying to do the same thing. We also have come up with a GForce Monkeys Business Program that helps local businesses gain attention and new customers! This program is simple: businesses that support YOU and your local raceway parks choose to sign up for our program and give members a discount who purchase services from them. Who are the members? You are! By purchasing goods or services at any one of these businesses, you get a discount by showing off your GForce Monkeys decal or merchandise that is found at The list is of businesses that are currently part of the program are attached in the announcements section of any of our Facebook Groups. This program is risk free and they have nothing to lose so we are seeing this program really begin to take off and you could be a huge part of it!

What can I do to help?
Well we are glad you asked! What you can do to help us out is hand out free decals, spotted cards, and just talk about and promote GForce Monkeys any chance you get whether in person or online! We also would like it if you would focus on sharing and resharing any events happening at your local raceway parks! This isn’t that hard huh? It really isn’t and we just want enthusiastic people!

What do I get?
You get free schwag and exclusive access to hang out with GForce Monkeys at the events that we cover for our YouTube channel. We will even pay for your entry into the event! You can help us out when you get inside, or you can go around and enjoy the event! Just make sure you’re always talking about GForce Monkeys as well as who we are and what we do. Remember, you’re also a GForce Monkey! You will receive new decals that we get in, as we get them if supplies are available! One other thing to mention is what you actually “get” and that’s you’re getting to see your local raceway parks stay open and supply you all with events to keep you busy through Fall, Spring, and Summer (and sometimes Winter)!

So now that I know all that, what’s this Street Team all about?
I’m glad you asked! The Street Team is idea made up by GForce Monkeys to help propel our message onward! This is a group of qualified individuals from many different states/areas that help promote the idea that keeps GForce Monkeys message going! The idea is National, so we expect to see a National movement! We are also hoping to see people in other parts of the world but being National is a good goal for now! The Street teams go to local meets, car shows, drag races, drifting events, etc to tell people about us and who we are. Don’t forget that we also pride ourselves on being drama free and inviting anybody over to hang out with us any time we are at a meet. Be welcoming! Be humble! Don’t fight, and make sure you compliment your fellow enthusiast even if he/she has a car you don’t like.

What are my job duties?
Your duties will entail talking about GForce Monkeys any chance you get, giving away free decals to those who you think deserve them, giving away spotted cards (as well as put them on other vehicles), and tell people about our Business Program and where they can purchase decals or other merchandise! The harder you work, the bigger the reach, and the more free schwag you guys will all get!

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Ok, so now that you get to see what it’s like to be part of the Street Team, we want to know why you want to be a part of it. These questions are going to be what we read and will be a deciding factor on whether you are accepted into the Street Team. Spots are limited!

Please answer the questions below:

What is your name:

When is your birthday:

What city do you currently live in and where are you from:

What groups and/or clubs are you part of (list 3 major ones):

What are the last 3 cars you owned:

What is the name of the 3 closest race tracks to you:

How many times have you been to them:

What car related events did you attend last year:

Why do you want to be on the GForce Monkeys Street Team:

What can you give to the Street Team that nobody else can:

What do you think about our car community, and how divided it is:

Are there any ideas you want to bring up that will help with our mission:

Please submit some pictures of your recent rides with your responses to our email address


Who are we looking for?
People in our community that are active and go to meets, shows and events. People who are enthusiastic about GForce Monkeys and our Mission to Unite the Car Community! People who have a lot of energy and who are excited about all the things GForce Monkeys is doing! You MUST LOVE GForce Monkeys!

How do we know what you are doing?
Well this is simple! We ask that you send some pictures of some of the events you have covered! These pictures need to be sent to and some of these pictures will be featured on our many different platforms.

Does this sound like a good team to be part of? If you answered Yes, then hurry up and shoot us an email at to let us know that you are interested (please include answers to questions). We will look through the applications and hand select the folks that we think can make the biggest difference. Feel free to include any platforms you use.

Good luck to you all!

Warm regards,

GForce Monkeys Johnny
Chattaroy, WA